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Located in Melbourne, Premium Pest Control offers an advance pest control method that is not harmful to environment and to your health. Premium Pest Control provides customers with a pest control service that is harmless to all and we recommend sanitation with thorough inspection, use of mechanical and cultural controls, use of biological controls and program for complete education and communication for customers



Premium Pest Control offer friendly services to all residential & commercial pest control problems in all suburbs throughout Melbourne and other regional areas of Victoria.

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We only do one thing but we do it right; make the day awesome for someone who matters. We are here to listen and provide guaranteed pest control services. Your happiness is our goal. 

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Premium Pest Control uses only safe products with low impact that is applied by well trained professional pest controllers. The products are being used with the strict compliance of an agency in environmental protection. All customers can be assured that the products are not at risk to any members of your family and also for their pets. Premium Pest Control is committed to help people to enjoy life in an environment that is pest-free.

There are some companies in Melbourne that are using pesticides which can be inside and outside of the house. The pest controller professionals should be a fully licensed to use pesticides and have an insurance. Our Pest Control professionals are using low toxic pesticides to control the pests and guarantee not to give harm to any human, animals and environment.

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